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Warhammer 40k

These are a series of links related to Warhammer 40K. I’ve never played the game so these are more focused on the painting/modelling side.



  • Luke’s Affordable Paint Service - Great channel with tips on how to do miniature related stuff on the cheap.
  • WargamerOnline - This is a really good channel with regular Warhammer related chat. There is a premium site for painting and actual games also.
  • WarhammerTV - Daily paint tip from Duncan on the official Warhammer channel. These are really good tutorials/tips and there’s bound to be one for whatever model you have.
  • TabletopMinions - Regular short videos on miniature gaming
  • PaintingBuddha - Fantastic painting vidoes - incredible high standard. Not one to learn from at my level but more to appreciate.


Two daily news sites - regularly updated with loads of info