Vim allows us to mark our place in a file and jump back to it later. There are a number of different marks that can be created. For example we can create marks that just apply within a file, or can create marks that apply across all files.

  • m<a-zA-Z> creates a mark.
  • '<a-zA-Z> jumps to the particular mark.

Local Marks

Lowercase marks i.e. those created using a-z are unique to a file only. We can have marks with the same name in different files and they will not clash with each other. For example, we could add a mark t to indicate the top of each file. In this case each file will have a separate t mark and pressing 't will jump to the top of the file.

Global Marks

Uppercase marks i.e. those created using A-Z are global across all files. If we create a mark A in a file then no matter what other file we are in, pressing 'A will jump us to that mark in that file.

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