• Written in Erlang
  • Able to simulate a huge number of simultaneous connections from a single machine - use for high load tests


  • High Performance - simulate large numbers of users and alias IP addresses
  • Distributed
  • Can support multiple protocols and SSL
  • XML configuration system
  • Dynamic scenarios - get data from server and re-inject in subsequent requests
  • Mixed behaviours and randomize timings
  • Generate reports - graphs


  • Command is tsung.
  • Various options. Can specify a config file.
  • There appear to be various recorders for creating tests.

Config File

  • Tsung config file has option for logging html
  • Can monitor the remote server to get stats such as cpu activity, load average and memory usage.
  • Can configure various user and session settings in the config file
  • There is built in support for various protocol types or you can use the raw option to send any kind of traffic to the server.
  • Can match the server's response against given strings or regexps and increment counters or log


  • Can output various statistics using the tsung_stats.pl and tsung_plotter scripts.

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