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Major Method

This page describes the Major System for remembering numbers and gives lists of sample words for each number from 0 - 99. I’ve mostly used the words from Timothy Kenny’s page. I’ve change a few to try to keep the same first letter for each group of ten (or at most two first letters). I’ve formatted them and presented them here so that I would always have a copy. If these words don’t work for you then there is a word generator here.

The idea is to convert the number to consonants and then add vowels until you have a word. To get the number back you simply drop the vowels and then convert the remaining consonants back to the digit they represent.

number phonetic Word reminder
0 s, z, or soft c Saw ‘z’ is the start of zero
1 d, t, th Tie ‘t’ and ‘d’ have 1 downstroke
2 n Hen ‘n’ has 2 downstrokes
3 m Ham ‘m’ has 3 downstrokes
4 r Oar 4 ends in “r”
5 l Whale 5 fingers, with thumb held out, makes an L shape; L is roman numeral for 50;
6 j, sh, soft ch, dg, soft g Shoe 6 is like a golf club, which makes a ‘ch’ sound in the grass
7 k, hard ch, hard c, hard g, ng, qu Cow K is like two 7s rotated and combined
8 f, v UFO 8 looks like a small cursive f
9 b, p Bee 9 is a rotated b and a flipped p

0 - 9 10 - 19 20 - 29 30 - 39 40 - 49
0 See Saw Toes Nose Mouse (computer) Rose
1 Saturn (with rings) Dot Ant Mat Rat
2 Santa Tuna (can) Nun Moon Rhino
3 Sumo (wrestler) ATM Name (Badge) Mummy Ram
4 circuit (board) Tire Narwhal Mower Arrow
5 Seal Doll Nail Mule Rail
6 Sushi (roll) Tissue Knee joint Match Rug
7 Sack (of potatoes) Duck Nuke Mug Rock
8 Sofa Dove Knife Movie (projector) Roof
9 Submarine Tape (dispenser) Nib Mop Rope

50 - 59 60 - 69 70 - 79 80 - 89 90 - 99
0 Lasso Cheese Case Fizz Bus
1 Lid Cheetah Cat Foot Bat
2 Lion Chain Coin Fan Bane
3 Lime Chime Comb Foam BMX
4 Lorry Cherry Car Fry Bear
5 Lilly (pad) Chilli Coal File Bell
6 Leech Judge Cage Fish Bush
7 Log Chalk Cake Fog Book
8 Leaf Chef Cave Fife Beef
9 Lip Ship Cube FBI Baby