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Irish Phrases

This page contains the Irish phrases that my son is learning at school.

Dia duit - Hello
Dia is Mhuire duit - Response to Dia Duit

Cé tusa - Who are you?
Is míse Gearóid - I am Gerard

Slán leat - Goodbye
Go raibh maith agat - Thank you

Tá Gearóid ag rith - Gerard is running
Tá Gearóid ag léim - Gerard is jumping
Tá Gearóid ag súil - Gerard is walking

Cad é sin? - What is that?
Sin bórd - That is a table
Sin fuinneog - That is a window
Sin cófra - That is a cupboard
Sin doras - That is a door
Sin mála scoile - That is a school bag

Cad atá sa mhála scoile? - What is in the school bag?
Tá leabhair sa mhála scoile - There is a book in the school bag
Tá cóipleabhair sa mhála scoile - There is a copybook in the school bag
Tá peann luaidhe sa mhála scoile - There is a pencil in the school bag

Is míse an phúca - I am the ghost
Is míse an chailleach - I am the witch
Is míse an cat - I am the cat

Conas atá tusa? - How are you?
Tá mé go maith - I am good
Níl mé go maith - I am not good
Tá mé tinn - I am sick