Táim ag ullmhu don Comórtas Fichille Corcaigh agus fuair mé cáipéisí iontach ar ICU faoi Ficheall as Gaeilge - 1 agus 2. Agus tháinig mé ar an suíomh gréasáin seo le níos mó eolas agus an lámhleabhair seo - agus ocht bileoga oibre le fadhbanna fichille.

posted on October 3, 2019microposts

Tosnaíonn on Comórtas Fichille Corcaigh ag Ostán an Metropole Dé hAoine seo. Má tá suim agat i bhFicheall i gCorcaigh, bígí ann! https://www.icu.ie/events/1155

posted on October 1, 2019microposts

Craobhchomórtas an Chlub 2019

D'imir mé cluiche i gCraobhchomórtas an Chlub an tseachtain seo caite agus bhuaigh mé! De ghnáth, nuair a bhíonn daoine níos láidre agam ná mise, ní mór dom a bheith an-ádh a bhuachan. Ní bhuaim na cluichí ach chailleann na daoine eile. Ach an babhta seo bhí mé an-mhaith. Nuair a fuair mé an lámh in uachtair, choinnigh mé é don chuid eile den chluiche agus bhuaigh me sa deireadh.ournaments.

posted on May 17, 2019gaeilge

Thosaigh me ag déanamh iarracht mo chuid Ghaeilge a fheabhasú. Mar sin de, déanaim iarracht rudaí a scríobh anseo thrí Ghaeilge. Níorbh usaid mé mo chuid Ghaeilge le fiche bhliain agus mar sin is dócha go ndéanfaidh me mórán botuin. Ach lean ar aghaigh.

posted on May 16, 2019microposts

Bit of a mixed bag at the Congress for me. Won a couple and drew a couple and lost one. Will lose a few rating points. Still was an enjoyable tournament overall. Can't wait for next year.

posted on October 8, 2018microposts

Only a few more days to the Cork Congress. A good result for me would be to perform to my rating (around 1500).

posted on October 2, 2018microposts

Incredible that Carlsen can effectively give piece odds to a strong GM and still win!

posted on January 22, 2018microposts

Club Championship Round 3

I got another win in the club championship. This was a mad game - my opponent was very aggressive and I was on the defensive for the whole game.

Really I should have lost this game. I grabbed a couple of pawns but gave up lots of tactical opportunties. Luckily for me however these weren't taken but I don't think I could get away with that again.

posted on December 15, 2017chess

The Deep Mind vs Stockfish result is amazing especially given how the new AI works. I've always felt that the opening/endgame tables used in modern chess engines were kind of cheating - why couldn't Kasparov take his notes into the Deep Blue game? To see a AI learn and dominate the game from scratch is incredible.

posted on December 6, 2017microposts

Munster League Division 1. Rounds 3 & 4.

Not a great day at the Munster League. In my first game I got a good position and played well enough for a while. Then I went all in for an attack that didn't work and ended up in a losing endgame. I think a crucial moment was when I captured on a4 with my king. This allowed him to trap my king on the a file. Instead the computer suggests b3 as an alternative way to capture the pawn without getting my king trapped.

Should have played b3 here

In the second game I had a repeat against my opponent from the last round last year. This went into the same opening but I was more prepared this time and got a much better position (technically any position would be better than horribly checkmated on the kingside). One interesting moment was when my opponent captured on e5. My heart sank as I thought I was either dropping a bishop or losing loads of pawns. I said to myself that as the line losing the pawns was so bad, I may as well analyse the line that dropped the bishop. Then I realised that it couldn't be captured as Re8 would trap the queen.

Lucky the bishop can't be taken due to Re8

After that I got a good position and was possibly better when my opponent offered a draw. Given my bad run against higher rated opponents I took the offer.

Unfortunately the B team lost both games although with Adare getting thrown out our odds of survival next year have probably improved.

posted on November 26, 2017

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