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    MVP.css is a great site for adding formatting to simple webpages. You can just implement the site in pure html and it will look really good. This was really useful for websites that my son created during Coder Dojo as it made them look good with no effort.

    posted on April 2, 2020microposts

    Ah FFX. Forgot about this. It has an optional part of the first dungeon that is necessary to unlock a summon. Didn't realise this until past that part. No problem I can just go back right - no, only at a certain stage of the game. Well that's not too bad - and we've placed a really hard boss with 800K HP blocking it. Ah feck. Made the same mistake on the PS2 when it first came out.

    posted on March 31, 2020microposts

    Final Fantasy X on the Vita is excellent. Real pity that there's not a Sony handheld that can play all PS2 games and not just selected remastered versions like this one.

    posted on March 30, 2020microposts

    On WSL installing and using NPM directly proved problematic. I got lots of errors about invalid permissions when trying to install applications globally. To fix this I needed to install NVM and use that to run NPM.

    posted on March 20, 2020microposts

    Installed Linux Mint on my old Acer Aspire One. Installed from the live image on a usb drive and everything seems to work fine. Hopefully will keep my daughter amused during the Corona lockdown period.

    posted on March 19, 2020microposts

    Found out you can regenerate ssh public keys if you still have the private part. Was getting invalid format errors when accessing Github and this fixed it

    posted on March 18, 2020microposts

    Bought Hero Kids as part of a Bundle of Holding offer and it's great. It's a print and play game with grid maps and D&Dish combat. I was looking for something that my son could use his Warhammer miniatures with as the main Warhammer rules are way too complicated. This reminds me of the old Heroquest boardgame (I wish they still made that!). Even my 3.5 year old enjoyed playing it.

    posted on March 16, 2020microposts

    I'm enjoying Star Trek Picard. As generic sci-fi it's grand. It has pretty much nothing to do with Star Trek or TNG. It's like it was written by people who'd never seen that show. But on the other hand it's a very good spiritual successor to Firefly - and I loved that show.

    posted on February 14, 2020microposts

    Didn't do much else on the PS Classic. Just spent most of my time playing Vagrant Story to be honest. Here are some miscellaneous links for reference. Here is what PCSX.CFG settings should be and here is some good info on replacing the stock emulator with one from AutoBleem.

    posted on October 29, 2019microposts

    Next on the list is to try to update the emulator and add some multi-disc games to see if they work.

    posted on October 3, 2019microposts

    I've changed the following settings in the config file which is supposed to improve the graphics. Also I disabled the auto dimmer which is supposed to improve frame rate.

    posted on October 2, 2019microposts

    I added Vagrant Story to my PS Classic. It went fairly easily. I just replaced the first game on the list. I was used to dealing with Sqlite and FTP from work. The emulation is fine for the most part. There is a bit of corrupted graphics on the initial load screen. Some (but not much) of the audio sounds distorted/crackly. Since installing Vagrant Story, I've basically just spent my time playing the game rather than installing additional ones! Will really need to add the rest of the games sometime.

    posted on October 1, 2019microposts

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