Setting up a static site with basic web authentication

Moving on from my initial Heroku experiment, I removed the Jekyll site and now have the bare minimum required for hosting content requiring authentication on Heroku

  1. Create a new Heroku app
  2. Add the [static site buildpack]
  3. Create a folder (I called mine static) and create a file called static.json with the following contents { "clean_urls": true, "https_only": true, "root": "static/", "basic_auth": true }
  4. Set two environment variables BASIC_AUTH_USERNAME and BASIC_AUTH_PASSWORD - make sure that the value of password is readable by htpasswd e.g. openssl passwd -apr1 <password_plaintext>
  5. Copy whatever content you are going to host into the static folder, add this to git and push to heroku using git push heroku master (Heroku will have set up that remote when creating the app). When regenerating the site this is the only step you will need to rerun.

I have a lot of Gitbook content which I will need to add to the site - for now I am manually building the books and copying them into the static folder. Next step will be to script that.

posted on April 2, 2020herokudevelopment


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