Uaine? Cad é uaine?

Of all the Irish words I expected to learn when reading "An Hobad", I never expected one of those to be "green". I expected to have to refresh some words and have gaps for topics that were never covered at school i.e. modern tech, conversations, using the language as an actual language! But green, surely that was glas right? Like I learned in primary school. Apparently not.

There are two words for green in Irish - glas and uaine. It seems that glas is more for natural green e.g. green grass and uaine for normal green. And there are other colours that have this also e.g. dearg and rua for red.

If you'd asked me what were the colours of the Irish flag in Irish, I'd have said glas, bán and oráiste. I don't even meet the Meatloaf standard here - only one out three right! Orange is actual flannbhuí! From article 7 - "An bhratach trí dhath .i. uaine, bán, agus flannbhuí, an suaitheantas náisiúnta."

posted on July 21, 2019gaeilge


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