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    Didn't do much else on the PS Classic. Just spent most of my time playing Vagrant Story to be honest. Here are some miscellaneous links for reference. Here is what PCSX.CFG settings should be and here is some good info on replacing the stock emulator with one from AutoBleem.

    posted on October 29, 2019microposts

    Next on the list is to try to update the emulator and add some multi-disc games to see if they work.

    posted on October 3, 2019microposts

    I've changed the following settings in the config file which is supposed to improve the graphics. Also I disabled the auto dimmer which is supposed to improve frame rate.

    posted on October 2, 2019microposts

    I added Vagrant Story to my PS Classic. It went fairly easily. I just replaced the first game on the list. I was used to dealing with Sqlite and FTP from work. The emulation is fine for the most part. There is a bit of corrupted graphics on the initial load screen. Some (but not much) of the audio sounds distorted/crackly. Since installing Vagrant Story, I've basically just spent my time playing the game rather than installing additional ones! Will really need to add the rest of the games sometime.

    posted on October 1, 2019microposts

    Got a PS Classic for just €20 from Gamestop. Definitely worth it at that price. Sure most of the pre-installed games are crap but you can mod it and add the better ones. I used this guide to replace the games on the system. You can use a usb drive which is safer but I preferred to get rid of the dreck that comes with it. Now to add in some proper games.

    posted on September 24, 2019microposts

    Python and Midi

    Following on from getting midi working on my pc, I wanted to look at programming options for it. Python seemed a decent candidate to start with - a scripting language with a sizable community, so there was bound to be existing libraries for it. I found python-rtmidi and decided to give it a go. It installs the C++ RtMidi classes and a Python wrapper around them.

    I initially installed it into my WSL installation of Ubuntu. However that didn't work - it couldn't see the native Windows midi device drivers. There is probably a way to fix that but I didn't want to waste much time on it until I has proven that the Python/Midi combo worked at all on Windows.

    So I installed Python natively on Windows along with Pip. After installing the python-rtmidi package I ran some of the test scripts and it worked straight away. It was able to send sounds to the keyboard to play and also read from the keyboard what keys were being pressed. It was good fun and would seem to me to be a great way to introduce kids who are musically inclined to programming.

    posted on August 5, 2019music

    In order to test my static site before I push it, I need to run middleman server to test it out. On Codenvy the port won't be exposed by default so you will need to add a server for the port

    posted on August 5, 2019microposts

    Had problems with Github on Codenvy where it wouldn't connect to the server. I had to force it to connect over https to fix the issue. See this page for instructions.

    posted on August 4, 2019microposts

    Fortnite agus an Corn Domhanda

    Ba é an Corn Domhanda Fortnite ocáid an-suimiúil. Is é cluiche an difriúil ar an leibheál sin ná nuair a bhíonn na h-imreoirí ag imirt ar a gcraoltaí féin. Tá an scil agus an déine i bhfad níos airde agus mar sin i bhfad níos siamsúla

    Chun comparáid a dhéanamh idir na dhá shocruithe. Nuair a bhíonn seasca imreoirí fágtha sa Corn Domhanda bhí an crios lán le himreoirí agus bhí neart foirgníocht, straitéis ann. Bhí gá le bearta iontacha chun deireadh a chur leo. I gcomparáid leis na gnáthchraoltaí ina bhfuil an t-imreoir fós ag teacht trasna daoine scoite amach gan ach deich imreoir fágtha. Ní mór do Epic bealach a fháil chun na himreoirí is fearr a imirt níos minice i gcoinne a chéile.

    The Fortnite World Cup was really entertaining. The game at that level is so much different than watching the players play arena on their normal streams. The skill and intensity is way higher and much more entertaining as a result.

    Compare the setups with 60 players left in the World Cup - zone was packed with players - there was loads of building, strategy. Great fight tactics were needed to get eliminations. Versus the normal streams where the streamers are still picking off random stragglers with only 10 players left. Epic need to find a way to get the top players playing against each other more often.

    posted on August 3, 2019fortnite

    I'm really enjoying the Fortnite World Cup. A lot more than some actual sports events I've watched this year. The spectator mode they use when you can see all the players is great. Incredible to think that they're hosting this in the Arthur Ashe tennis stadium.

    posted on July 27, 2019microposts

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