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Converting Yaml to JSON in JavaScript

I use the Middleman data files feature for my chess site. These files are written in yaml. I could have used json directly for these which would have removed the need for this post but I find yaml is easier for manual editing - with json you constantly have to worry about matching up brackets. From the Middleman erb files, when I build locally I am able to access things like data.fide.ratings. However I would like to be able to load this data remotely and process it from my javascript code.

To load the remote file I just use the JQuery Ajax get function and pass it the url of the file that I want. Then I use the js-yaml library to parse the result and create a data json object from this. Now from my JavaScript code I am able to access the same data using the same notation.

function loadYamlFromUrl() {
    $.get( "", function( data ) {
        var data = jsyaml.load(data);
        // can now access data.fide etc

This has worked well for me and for any data file that I was able to access via Middleman, I can now access the same data from JavaScript in the same format.