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Automating Jasmine Unit Tests

For the first cut at automating my JavaScript unit testing, I started running them from the command line via PhantomJS. PhantomJS is a headless browser so it will render my HTML & CSS and execute the JavaScript, but will not display it on the screen. The steps I followed were:

  • I installed phantomjs from here using homebrew brew install phantomjs.

  • I got the command for running Phantom.js here.

  • I found the default output from Phantom.js to be lacking in detail. I came across a good link here which shows how to add stack traces on failure and how to add colours to the output using a console reporter.

In future, I’d like to add this to a build system which will run jshint on my code and also do whatever minfication/optimizations are needed. It’s looking like Grunt is a good tool for this so will investigate that further.