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Destroy All Software Screencasts

I recently subscribed to Gary Bernhardt’s Destroy All Software screencasts. I found these absolutely fantastic. There are only about ten to fifteen minutes each in length so it’s no hassle to find the time to watch them. However they cover a lot in the short time.

They are mostly Ruby and in particular Rails focused but the topics are applicable to any software programming. For example, I’ve really learned a great deal about TDD from watching this.

The Github archive is useful, especially the Suck/Rocks Rails app. His Git config file is also really handy and I really like his log formatting. I would have liked to see him post a larger sample Rails app to Github (or for the ultimate in wishful thinking - the code for the Destroy All Software site). It would expand upon how his ideas work when confronted with the complexity and messiness of a real world system.

Overall I highly recommend the series for any programmer regardless of what language you are using. Unfortunately I believe he’s stopping soon but you get access to the entire back catalog with a subscription and they’re well worth it.