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Beginning With Xcode

The main application for developing apps is Xcode. I’m not sure if there are any alternatives but at the moment I don’t think I really need any. Xcode is free, installs from the app store. What more do I need?

Ok, so first I installed Xcode. Or rather I installed an installer for Xcode. Seems a bit odd. I’m not sure how that will work with updates from the Mac Store. At first glance it looked the same as most other editors. Text area for writing code, tree navigator for files etc. My initial impressions are that it should be straightforward to learn to use.

Onto learning how to create apps. My first stop was the tutorials on Ray Wenderlich’s site. They’re really comprehensive and I really recommend them. I began with the iOS Apprentice free tutorial which teaches you how to create a game called Bullseye. From that I think I gained enough knowledge to find my way around Xcode. From here, time for the next step i.e. learning Objective C.